Explore the amazing Kimberley region by hiring a 4WD from Broome

4wd to BroomeThe Australian Northwest is an amazing yet underrated natural wonder. An area that offers sunshine, the ocean and the desert, it is an area for those who dare to make the most of the iconic Australian experience.

Follow in the footsteps of the historical Australian explorers and swagmen by exploring the desert trails, creeks and gorges of the famous Kimberley region.

What is on offer in the Kimberley region?

To see this wonderful part of Australia, make your starting point in Broome to see The Kimberleys and to follow Gibb River Road. The Kimberleys offer a unique, yet picturesque scenery and numerous gorges to explore. Whilst travelling, it is recommended to visit Windiana Gorge, Tunnel Creek and Geiki Gorge. If the weather permits, it is recommended to visit Mitchell Falls and the Bungle Bungles as the regions attractions.

Hiring a 4WD from Broome.

By hiring a 4WD from Broome, you can access the gateway to the Kimberley region easily and allow yourself to get off the beaten track.

For budget travelers who are seeking the ultimate ‘on the road experience’ in Australia, a 4WD provides an ideal way to carry camping equipment and has the power to manage any challenging terrains that you may decide to explore. The 4WD experience caters for the budget conscious traveller.

Things to be aware of before hiring a 4WD

Prior to hiring a 4WD for your Northwest Australian adventure, you need to find out what type of 4WD will be suitable for your trip and any hiring specifics regarding driving on unsealed roads. Specify with the company about any extended off-road touring that you may be interested in venturing to and if there are any additional fees tied with going to those areas.